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Events & Engagements

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Virtual Bible Study 

Join Pastor Myke every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. ET via phone and/or internet for Bible Study and LIFE LESSONS.  For details, click on the Contact Us Page.

"Whole Life" Counseling

Contact Mykal about this service and its benefits to your spiritual and natural balance.

Recognized as one of the most dynamic speakers and teachers nationwide,   Mykal T. Shannon  gives voice to the muted issues, hope to the systematically-marginalized people, and serves as a beacon to those seeking the path to peace and salvation.  Mykal recognizes that communication is the ultimate vehicle for expression, and he uses this vehicle to bridge the gaps between backgrounds, classes, beliefs, and time.  Whether he is pouring his heart into his next book, preparing for the next rally for social justice, or penning thoughts for his latest sermon, Mykal's message remains the same:  "To love your fellow man is to love God."  His love for all (regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, faith beliefs, or class) has made Mykal's platform of #BetterTogether a symbol for our future.

Affectionately called "Pastor Myke", this brilliant Man of God teaches and encourages us  to move forward, and with intention ... into God's Light.  For more information about his ministry, please check out his website:


Embrace a life filled with the joy, the purity, and the truth of Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior.